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Saturday, March 27, 2004
twenty days after the first entry, and that one was not even finished cos someone needed the computer urgently. not a very good start. but who cares...

yesterday i read a newspaper article about a mother of two who jumped off a tall building with her daughters because she found out she had cancer. the photograph was cropped to show only a patch of grass, her right arm and the left arm of one daughter (the other was on her other side), with a piece of red string linking their wrists. it gave me nightmares.

today i found that there is only one purpose to attending medical school: to pass the final exam. nevermind that what they teach won't be of use once you graduate and become a doctor. there is only one goal; let's hear that again: to pass the final exam.

i have intellectual, moral and emotional objections to this piece of wisdom. the first two have been neutralised.
Sunday, March 07, 2004
full moon tonight. or maybe it was yesterday, today's moon is a bit flatter in comparison. but who cares, i could see the rabbit on the moon, complete with its two long ears, one more floppy than the other, or perhaps it meant something in rabbit body language, and its little tuft of a tail.

where i grew up information was never reliable; it had a habit of changing without notice, and i'd learned never to put too much faith in what i was told, or so i thought. all information was equal since each had similar chances of being inaccurate. just a matter of probability. parents were easy, after all, they broke their promises all the time. but it was painful to find out that school teachers could be wrong too. first time i argued with a teacher was when i tried to convince her that humans were mammals, too, that we didn't have our own exclusive niche in the taxonomic tree. that was in primary six. little did i know what that was a prelude of.

but no matter how unreliable, these things have ways to filter into your subconscious unnoticed, only to resurface much later. thus the rabbit on the moon. or was it a chinese fairy princess? the one that flew up there to escape from her over-curious husband, if i remember correctly, and so the rabbit's ears become loops of hair. and the tail a basket of flowers or something.
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