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Sunday, January 23, 2005
wow, two days in a row. this must be some sort of record.

can barely lift my arms - just went for tae kwon do training right after being a complete couch potato for more than two months. thought i'd continue being one until the end of the semester; being a final year student is a sacrosant excuse from getting involved in anything not to do with academic work. but the instructor - classmate of mine, so the excuse didn't worth zilch - said he's going to be late so would i please lead the class in warm-up and sort or keep them busy until he arrived? being a (nominal) captain, of course i was obliged to do it.

in the end, he arrived on time, and although he said it's ok if i don't join the training, my pride didn't let me to take that escape route. an hour later, i wish i had.
blogger: people of the year? even one whose turnover is a measly eight entries in a year? whatever.

was thinking of setting up a new one just for the next two months. going to write every day. must. should. ought to. though usually i never do, in the end. all the noble ambitions i forget in less than 24 hours. now if i get a dollar for each of them...

i just went through the exam schedule. first paper, an MCQ paper, on the 8th march. got a nice palpitation and i immediately grabbed my oxford handbook and read a few pages to calm down. stress is good for me; now at least i have the motivation to study.

on an entirely different note, i have two new tuition students. the universe has its own devices to present temptations in the most tempting ways. thought the two brothers would be my last students. ever.
blog of someone who's going crazy, or else getting enlightened. sometimes it's hard to tell the difference, you know? i'm a jack-of-all-trades who dabbles in photography and martial arts (not at the same time), reads books of every description, keeps stray animals and tries to pass exams in my free time. That was then. Now I work, and work and work, and I don't know what possessed me but I find myself bloging again. And no, I didn't forget to take my pills this morning.

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