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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
ah, 2007. another year in the making.

resolutions abound.. somehow i'm rather optimistic about this year. maybe it's the relatively increased amount of free time i have - sort of able to sort my thoughts and keep myself happy; which was hardly the case in my last posting.

this has also convinced me that eventually my career decision will be directed by such lifestyle choices. i want time to spend outside work. time to pursue my hobbies. time to spend with friends and loved ones. time to read. time to be alone. time to experiment in the kitchen. perhaps even time to join a proper choir and/or train in martial arts again (not at the same time).
blog of someone who's going crazy, or else getting enlightened. sometimes it's hard to tell the difference, you know? i'm a jack-of-all-trades who dabbles in photography and martial arts (not at the same time), reads books of every description, keeps stray animals and tries to pass exams in my free time. That was then. Now I work, and work and work, and I don't know what possessed me but I find myself bloging again. And no, I didn't forget to take my pills this morning.

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