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Thursday, February 09, 2006
More musings from the zoo.

The people I care for can roughly be classified into three categories. One, people who have to stay and don't mind staying because they know they need the care; two, people who have to stay but don't want to; three, people who don't have to stay but want to.

The first and second categories, however, are actually extremes of a continuum.

But it's the third category of people that always raise mixed feelings in me. On one side I, like most people, find them a pest. Not only because they're probably depriving a genuinely ill person from a place, but also because they tend to be attention-seeking and present something that people in the game euphemistically call a "diagnostic problem".

However, at the same time I feel pity for them. What could possibly turn someone to be like them? There are many reasons, of course. Some obvious, some not so. I've seen one who was a homeless person, for who a bed in a hospital is a respite from the driving rain outside. He enjoys hospital food, which is no doubt a sight better than what he can get. Another person I've seen was actually wanted by the police. Yet another, was unconsciously trying to get out of national service. Some, however, have a job, a place to live, a family. One wonders what they get out of pulling all these stunts.
you've seen Bigfoot right?

so, probably the 'tiger' doesn't want to leave the 'carer' because 'tiger' has become too attached to 'carer' ?

heh. just kidding.
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